Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will you be offering daycare and/or boarding services?

A: We will not be offering daycare or boarding services. We feel this would detract from the community focus of the Commons, and there are numerous top notch daycare and boarding facilities in the immediate area.

Q: Can I leave my dog at the commons while I run an errand?

A: If your dog(s) are on the premises, you must also be on the premises. The Commons is not a daycare or drop-off facility.

Q: When is opening day?

A: We're targeting 2020 for opening day. As with any construction project, there's always a chance for delays to take place. We will provide regular updates on the construction process, and if there are any changes to our opening schedule, we'll communicate the change right away.

Q: Will you have any breed restrictions?

A. We will not be enforcing any breed restrictions. We assess each dog individually, not based on breed.

Q: Where will you be located?

A: We will be located in West Omaha. We'll unveil our exact location once our build site has been adequately prepared and approved.

Q: Will you host agility and related performance events?

A: Yes, we plan to host numerous events, agility and performance events included.

Q: What will your operating hours be?

A: We plan to be open before sunrise, and well into the evening hours, 365 days per year.

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